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Shuliy is a supplier of plastic recycling machinery with over 20 years of experience in machinery manufacturing. We are committed to developing and manufacturing efficient and reliable plastic recycling equipment. Shuliy has a significant market position in the plastics recycling field due to its excellent technical strength and high-quality after-sales service. We continue to innovate and strive to provide customers with the most advanced plastic solutions to promote the sustainable development of the global plastic recycling business!

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With a strong R&D team, we can design and manufacture customized plastic recycling equipment to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

We can also help you design plastic pollution solutions based on your raw materials and plant size.

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Plastic solution

We have designed customized plastic pollution solutions for customers from all over the world. They are making profits from these recycling machines.

Plastic bottle recycling solution

In order to recycle various types of PET containers such as water bottles, beverage bottles, milk bottles, plastic oil jugs, plastic bottles, etc.

Plastic film recycling solution

For the recycling and pelletizing of various types of PP PE LDPE plastics such as plastic films, agricultural films, woven bags, plastic bags, raffia bags, mulch films, and so on.

Hard plastic recycling solution

For the recycling and pelletizing of all kinds of rigid plastics, such as plastic baskets, plastic trays, plastic buckets, plastic pipes, plastic toys, plastic cards, and so on.

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plastic granulator

Plastic granulator is a kind of plastic recycling equipment. It is used to heat, melt, and extrude plastics and process them into plastic pellets through recycling machinery.

plastic shredder

Plastic shredder, also called plastic crusher, is used to crush waste plastic materials or plastic raw materials into small particles. It provides great convenience for plastic granulation.

plastic washer

Plastic washing machine’s main function is to remove the dirt, grease, and impurities attached to the surface of the plastic so as to improve the quality and efficiency of plastic recycling.

plastic dryer

Plastic dryer is a recycling machine designed to remove water from plastic pellets or plastic materials. This is important for plastic materials’ quality in processing.

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Plastic pellet maker machines and plastic shredding machines for sale help you start your own plastic recycling business.