plastic granulation line

The waste plastic film recycling line is a solution designed to recycle waste PP PE LDPE HDPE film. The entire line can be produced without interruption and requires only 2-3 workers. Shuliy designed a PE granulation line that is popular in Mozambique, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, and many other countries around the world. If you have similar plastic film recycling needs, please feel free to leave a message on the website.

Introduction of waste film recycling line

The PE PP film washing line specializes in recycling all kinds of waste films and woven bags. The whole PE granulation line consists of a plastic crusher, plastic washing machine, vertical lifting dewatering machine, plastic granulation machine, cooling tank, pellet cutter machine, and storage tank. The output of the plastic film recycling line is from 200kg/h to 1000kg/h. If you need larger output we can also customize it for you.

plastic granulation line
waste film recycling line

PE granulation line Row material

Raw materials that can be recycled by waste film recycling lines include LDPE agricultural film, mulch film, greenhouse film, stretch film, HDPE edging bags, woven bags, non-woven bags, raffia bags, and so on.

Final product: plastic granules

The plastic pellets obtained after processing in our waste film recycling line are strong and uniform. The recycled film granules can be used in blown film, injection molding, and other processes to produce new plastic products.

How does waste film recycling line work?

The LDPE film washing line is a comprehensive production line designed to efficiently and environmentally process waste plastic film into reusable plastic pellets. Here is how the PE granulation line works:

plastic shredder

NO.1 Crushing

Waste LFPE film is first fed into the first machine of the soft PVC granulation line, the plastic waste shredder machine. The plastic waste shredder machine is responsible for crushing large pieces of waste plastic film. This step is designed to reduce the size of the plastic, making it easier to pelletize.

washing machine

NO.2 Washing

The crushed plastic flakes enter the plastic washing machine. This machine washes the film pieces with water to remove impurities, dirt, and residue from them.

plastic dehydrators

NO.3 Drying

The cleaned plastic pieces are then passed through a vertical lifting dewatering machine, which removes moisture and ensures that the subsequent pelletizing process can be carried out efficiently.

pvc pelletizing machine

NO.4 Granulation

The dried plastic fragments enter the plastic pelletizer machine, where they are compressed into small granular shapes by melting and extruding them to become reusable plastic pellets.

cooling machine plastic

NO.5 Cooling

After pelletizing, plastic strips will soften due to high temperatures and will not be able to be cut with a pellet cutter machine. A cooling process is therefore required to ensure that they remain in a stable form.

storage silos

NO.6 Cutting & storage

The cooled plastic strips are cut into uniform plastic pellets. Finally, these plastic pellets are collected and packaged as needed for transportation and storage.

Video of waste film recycling line

FAQ about PE PP film washing line

Q: What is the capacity of this LDPE film washing line?
A: The capacity of our waste film recycling line can be customized according to your needs, usually from a few hundred kilograms to several tons.

Q: Can you customize the soft PVC granulation line to fit my factory space and equipment configuration?
A: Yes, we can customize a waste film recycling line to meet your requirements according to your factory space and specific needs.

waste film recycling line
waste film recycling line

Q: What is the energy consumption of this PE PP film washing line?
A: Our waste film recycling line uses advanced energy-saving technology and has relatively low energy consumption. Soft PVC granulation lines can also be customized to further optimize energy efficiency according to your needs.

Q: What is the overall investment cost of this LDPE film washing line?
A: The overall investment cost will be affected by a number of factors, including production capacity, customization requirements, and so on. We will provide a detailed quotation based on your specific needs.

Q: Do you provide training on the operation of the waste film recycling line?
A: Yes, we will provide professional operation training for your staff to ensure that they can skillfully operate the whole soft PVC granulation line.

waste plastic granulator machines
PE PP film washing line

PE granulation line parameters

Size: Length 5m
Width 0.8m
2PP PE film shredderModel:1000
Power: 37kw+11kw
Capacity: 1000kg/h
3Main plastic pelletizerModel: SL-260
Screw diameter : 260mm
Screw length:3.6m
Motor: 110kw
4Vice plastic pelletizer Model: SL-220
Screw diameter: 220mm
Screw length: L1.6m
5Pellet cutting machineModel:LY-F300
Capacity: 800kg/h
LDPE film washing lines

Get PE PP film washing line Price

The price of the waste film recycling line varies depending on the configuration. Prices range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Please leave a message on our website with your raw materials and needs, and we will recommend the right machine model and capacity for you.