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Plastic recycling consists of many steps and requires the use of many types of recycling machines. Shuliy, a manufacturer of plastic recycling equipment, today provides an overview of the machines that are needed to recycle plastics.

What Are Types of Plastic Recycling Machines?

Plastic recycling equipment in the process of recycling all kinds of waste plastics, the processing procedures are different, and the equipment composition has its characteristics. Usually, plastic recycling machines mainly include plastic crushers, plastic washing machines, plastic dryers, plastic granulators, cooling tanks, pellet cutters, and so on.

Steps in Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling starts with a crushing machine for plastic to crush the recycled plastic film, woven bags, bottles, and other materials.

The crushed materials are washed through the washing machine and then automatically fed into the drying machine to dry.

plastic washing machine
Plastic washing machine

The dried material is supplied to the plastic granulator by the automatic feeding machine.

The melted plastic is water-cooled in the cooling tank.

Finally, the whole plastic is cut into cylindrical granules under the action of a pellet cutting machine. The processed plastic granules can be sold directly into the plastic market through recycling and packaging.

plastic granule cutter machine
Plastic granule cutter machine

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