latest plastic crusher

BREAKING NEWS. The latest plastic crusher ordered by a Tanzanian customer in our factory has been made. After the test run is completed, we will ship the machine to the port where the customer is located this month. Read on for more information.

What is the customer’s raw material?

The customer purchased this latest plastic crusher for pulverizing plastic drums. Of course, this plastic car bumper crusher can also be used to crush other plastic products such as plastic pipes, plastic tubs, plastic baskets, and so on.

Latest plastic crusher parameters

  • Model: 800-heavy
  • Box board thickness: 30mm
  • Fixed knife holder thickness: 50mm
  • Power: 45KW, ZQ200 reducer
  • Machine size:1450*2600*2100mm
  • 5pcs knives, 3 movable and 2 fixed
latest plastic crusher
latest plastic crusher

Plastic car bumper crusher for sale

Shuliy offers complete plastic recycling solutions. From washing to pelletizing, we have a full range of plastic recycling equipment at our plant. Choose Shuliy, and we will customize your plastic recycling plant. If you need a plastic car bumper crusher and other recycling machines, please feel free to leave us a message.

 plastic car bumper crusher