trommel screening machine

The function of the trommel screening machine is to separate the impurities such as stones, glass, and metal that are mixed in the recycled plastic bottles. It is usually used for large-scale plastic bottle recycling.

Principle of Trommel screening machine

Trommel drums utilize the continuous rotating motion of the screen to separate the PET bottles from the impurities in them. During this process, smaller impurities fall through the holes in the screen, while larger PET bottles move forward in preparation for the crushing stage.

Trommel drum in the bottle recycling line

Why need trommel drum?

Some PET bottle recycling plants will buy plastic bottle bricks as recycling raw materials. These plastic bottles are inevitably mixed with a bit of stone, glass, and other impurities during the baling process. In order to prevent these impurities from damaging plastic bottle shredders and other recycling equipment, it is necessary to use a trommel screening machine to remove them before crushing.

trommel screening machine

Trommel drum for sale

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