plastic film shredder

Plastic film shredder is a specialized equipment for crushing plastic film and other soft plastics. Plastic bag crusher machine cuts and tears plastic film into small pieces or strips through mechanical force and the action of blades for subsequent granulation.

Raw material for plastic film shredder

Plastic film shredders can crush a series of soft plastics such as plastic film, agricultural film, mulch film, stretch film, non-woven bags, raffia bags, woven bags, and so on.

Working Principle

The plastic bag shredder is driven by the motor to rotate the movable knife disk at a high speed, and the movable knife and the fixed knife form a relative motion, utilizing the gap between them to crush and shear the large pieces of plastic. The crushed plastic is then filtered through a screen to output soft material of the required size.

plastic bag crusher machine
plastic bag shredder

Parameters of plastic film shredder

The plastic film shredders, models SL-600, SL-800, and SL-1000, are equipped with powerful motors ranging from 30 kW to 55 kW, enabling them to efficiently process plastic materials. These plastic bag crusher machines exhibit varying capacities, with the SL-600 capable of handling 600-800 kg of material per hour, the SL-800 handling 800-1000 kg/h, and the SL-1000 accommodating 1000-1200 kg/h. All three models are equipped with 10 durable knives made of 60Si2Mn, ensuring effective shredding. Additionally, the Shuliy plastic bag shredder offers different box widths, measuring 600 cm, 800 cm, and 1000 cm respectively, providing versatility for various plastic processing needs.

Plastic bag shredder precautions

  • Regularly clean the plastic bag crusher machine, especially the blades and screens, to ensure crushing efficiency and quality.
  • Make sure the power supply of the plastic film shredder is wired correctly to avoid electrical safety problems such as leakage and short circuits.
  • When feeding, make sure the plastic film is clean to avoid foreign materials (such as metal, stone, etc.) entering the industrial plastic shredder machine to prevent damage to the equipment.
  • Before each use, check whether the various parts of the plastic bag shredder are intact and make sure there are no loose, damaged, or abnormally worn parts.
plastic bag crusher machine and granulator machine
plastic bottle crusher

Associated recycling equipment

Plastic film shredder is an important pre-processing equipment in plastic film recycling lines. It crushes the recycled plastic film into a size that can be easily pelletized. An industrial plastic shredder machine is usually used in conjunction with a range of recycling equipment such as plastic washing machines and plastic granulators to recycle plastic film.

Two plastic bag shredders exported to Ghana

Not long ago, we sent two industrial plastic shredder machines to Ghana. One was used to pulverize plastic film and the other to pulverize plastic baskets. These two industrial plastic shredder machines are generating revenue for our Ghanaian customers.

plastic waste grinder
industrial plastic shredder machines destined for Ghana


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