granule plastic machine

Through the granule plastic machine, waste plastics are reused and recycling of plastics is realized. This process is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also provides important support for resource recycling.

Plastic conveying process

In the granule plastic machine, the waste plastic first enters the screw smoothly through the hopper, and then it is bitten by the thread. As the screw rotates, the plastic is forcibly propelled into the head, creating a mechanical conveying process.

During this process, the plastic is externally heated and becomes compacted under pressure, which improves heat transfer and contributes to the rapid melting of the plastic.

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Changes in the state of plastics

Plastic changes the physical state of a granule plastic machine. Under the action of heating and pressure, the plastic transforms into a glassy state, highly elastic state, and viscous flow state. At the rear of the compression section and the action of the chemical section, the plastic is in the viscous-fluid state, indicating that the plastic has been completely plasticized.

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granule plastic machine extrusion process

When the plastic is completely plasticized, the plastic granules double-stage extruder machine extrudes the plastic continuously and evenly from the head. Under the action of internal and external forces, the temperature of the plastic in the plastic granules double-stage extruder machine gradually rises, completing the extrusion process.

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