portable silos

Mobile silo is a kind of recycling equipment designed to meet the storage needs of plastic after crushing and washing. It is characterized by large capacity and mobility, which can effectively ensure that there are enough clean raw materials available for use in plastic pelletizing.

Where are mobile silos used?

In the plastic pelletizing line, you can see the figure of the mobile silo. Those crushed and cleaned films are stored in the portable storage bin. Portable storage bins provide large-capacity storage of raw materials without taking up a lot of floor space and are particularly suitable for production in limited spaces.

plastic granulation line
portable storage bin in the plastic pelletizing line
mobile silo

Video about portable storage bin

storage bin video

Information on portable storage bin

  • Model: multi-model
  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Storage weight: 1-2 tons
  • Unloading method: full-automatic
  • Applicable raw materials: plastic scrap
  • After-sales service: one-year warranty