granulated plastic machine

The granulated plastic machine is an important production machine. When disassembling and assembling the production line of fully automatic plastic granule machines, the following matters should be noted to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the operation.

Use of tools

In the disassembly process, use appropriate tools, and avoid violent knocking to prevent damage to the granulated plastic machine or deformation of parts. We want to minimize the number of disassemblys to ensure the integrity of the plastic granulator equipment.

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Granulated Plastic Machine Installation Preparation

Prepare the installation before disassembling and assembling the fully automatic plastic granules machine and verify the exact position of each part. Disassemble and assemble in the correct order, from accessories to main parts, to ensure correct and efficient installation.

After the disassembly of the plastic granulator equipment is completed, according to the nature of the material and precision of the spare parts for detailed classification and storage to ensure that the parts are not damaged or lost.

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Troubleshooting and safe operation

If any abnormality is found during the operation of the granulated plastic machine, it should be stopped in time to ensure the safety of personnel. Be careful not to face the barrel or the head of the molding machine during operation to prevent the molten material from splashing and hurting people. In the normal production process, we should often observe the plastic granulator equipment main motor ammeter pointer swing change, to avoid prolonged overload operation.

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