EPS foam granulation line

The EPS foam granulation line consists of five main single machines: plastic foam crusher, plastic foam extruder, cooling tank, EPS pellet cutting machine, and storage bin. It is a plastics solution designed for EPS EPE foam recycling and the end product is plastic pellets with a production capacity of 100-500 kg per hour.

Raw materials for EPS foam granulation line

The materials that can be pelletized in the expanded polystyrene recycling line include foam sheets, foam boards, foam boxes, foam fillers, foam packaging materials, foam cushions, and other EPS EPE foam.

Final product of EPS foam granulation line

Expanded polystyrene recycling lines process waste foam material into high-quality plastic pellets. Shuliy EPS foam granulation lines offer the following advantages in pelletizing:

  • Stable quality of foam pellets: The styrofoam sheets pelletizing line adopts advanced technology and processes, which can guarantee the stability of the quality of the plastic pellets produced. The physical properties and chemical composition of the pellets are effectively controlled.
  • Fewer impurities in EPE pellets: After granulation in the EPS foam granulation line, impurities and foreign materials in the original foam material will be effectively removed, ensuring the purity of the pellets.
  • Increased particle density: Foam materials usually have a low density, but after pelletizing in the expanded polystyrene recycling line, the density of the particles will be increased, making them more suitable for processing and application in specific fields.

Styrofoam sheets pelletizing line granulation process

foam crushing machine

The first step in foam recycling is to crush large pieces of foam with a foam shredder. Smaller pieces of foam are easier for the foam granulator to feed.

EPS pelletizing machine

The second step in foam recycling is to put the crushed foam blocks into a foam granulator for granulation. Here the foam is melted and extruded into plastic strips.

cooling machine plastic

The third step is to put the plastic strip extruded into the cooling water tank to cool down and cure. The extruded plastic strip is too hot and soft to cut, so it must be cooled down first.

Plastic granule cutter

The fourth step is to cut the cooled plastic strips into uniformly sized plastic pellets using a pellet cutter machine. Finally, the plastic pellets are loaded into the storage bin.

Recommended plastic Foam Compactor

The lightweight and expandable nature of foam materials results in a large amount of space being taken up during foam recycling and storage. This is also a major problem in foam recycling. To solve this problem, we recommend the use of a specialized foam compactor. It compresses the foam material and reduces its volume, thus reducing the cost of storage and transportation.

Shuliy can offer two different types of foam compactors, a foam melting machine, and a foam compactor machine for you to choose from. They both perform the same function of compressing foam and reducing its volume. The difference is that one requires heat and the other is purely physical compression.

Video of EPS foam granulation line

Description About styrofoam sheets pelletizing line

Place of originChina
Brand nameShuliy
Warranty1 year
Core EquipmentFoam crusher, foam granulator
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EPS foam granulation line price inquiry

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EPS foam granulation line
EPS foam granulation line