hard plastic crusher

This hard plastic crusher is a mechanical equipment used to process hard plastic materials. Plastic shredder machine uses sharp blades to chip hard plastic materials such as bottles, containers, pipes, etc. into small pieces for subsequent reprocessing. It usually consists of a material opening, crushing chamber, blades, knife frame, screen and discharge opening, etc. Hard plastic crusher is characterized by robustness, high efficiency, and fast processing of hard plastics.

Introduction of Hard plastic crusher

Shuliy this hard plastic crusher is specially designed to shred hard plastics. If your raw material is soft plastic you can take a look at our plastic film shredder. Shuliy plastic jug shredder has many models to choose from, with outputs of 200kg/h, 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, and so on. If you need a larger or smaller output plastic shredder machine you can leave a message on the website and we can customize the machine for you.

HDPE shredder

PVC crusher machine row material

PVC crusher machines can crush some plastic baskets, plastic trays, plastic pipes, plastic furniture, plastic toys, shampoo bottles, and other hard plastics. The final product is uniformly sized plastic pieces.

How does Hard plastic crusher work?

The main structure of the hard plastic crusher consists of a feed inlet, crushing chamber, blades, knife frame, screen, and discharge port. These components work together to make the HDPE shredder capable of efficiently processing hard plastic materials.

  1. Feeder: The feeder is the entrance to the PVC crusher machine, where the user places the hard plastic material to be processed.
  2. Crushing Chamber: The crushing chamber is the space inside the hard plastic crusher, which includes blades and screens for crushing and breaking down the plastic.
  3. Blades: The blades are the key components in the crushing chamber and are used to shred the hard plastic material into small pieces or granules.
  4. Blade Frame: The blade frame is the structure that supports and fixes the blade, ensuring the stability and normal operation of the blade.
  5. Screen: The screen is located underneath the crushing chamber and is used to control the size of the particles produced so that the user can obtain plastic particles of different sizes as required.
  6. Outlet: The outlet is the exit of the plastic jug shredder, through which the crushed plastic granules are discharged.
hard plastic crusher
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hard plastic crusher

Difference between Soft and Hard Plastic Crusher

The main difference between hard and soft plastic shredder machines is the screen aperture setting. For hard plastic crushers, the screen aperture is relatively small (around 24 mm or so). This design can crush the hard plastic pieces into smaller particles for subsequent recycling and granulation.

While for soft plastic shredder machines, the screen aperture is usually larger (around 90 mm or so). Since soft plastics are more malleable and deformable, they do not need to be crushed too small, but only shredded into the proper form for subsequent pelletizing.

If a user wishes to process both hard and soft plastics in one HDPE shredder, this can be accomplished by adjusting the screen. Depending on the type of raw material, different screen apertures can be flexibly selected, thus realizing efficient processing of multiple materials on the same plastic jug shredder. Of course, when replacing the screen mesh, make sure to choose the appropriate screen specification to ensure the crushing effect and stable operation of the PVC crusher machine.

Knife Sharpener

Keeping your blades sharp is critical to the performance of your HDPE shredder. We recommend sharpening the blades every 2-3 days with a knife sharpener to maintain optimum performance. This practice ensures efficient cutting and extends the life of the blades.

knife sharpener
Hard plastic crusher knife sharpener

Video of hard plastic crusher

Model SL-600 hard Plastic Crusher Parameters

Motor power45 kw
Material of knives60Si2Mn