plastic flake

Recycled plastics are becoming more and more versatile. From reducing plastic waste to promoting sustainable development, recycled plastic is becoming a hot topic of global interest. The following analysis focuses on the multiple uses of recycle plastic in various fields.

Recycled plastics raw material

After plastic machine recycling, waste plastics can become raw materials for manufacturing new plastic products. These recycled plastics can be used to produce a variety of plastic products, such as plastic buckets, plastic tubs, plastic toys, etc. Plastic recycling reduces the dependence on virgin plastic materials.

plastic granule
Plastic granules

Building materials

Some of the recycled waste plastics can be used to produce building materials. For example, they can be mixed with materials such as cement to make plastic-modified cement products such as plastic sheets and plastic pipes. Plastics can improve the performance and durability of building materials.

Textile raw materials

Certain types of waste plastics, such as PET plastics, can be converted into textile raw materials after processing. These raw materials can be used to produce textiles such as clothing, carpets, curtains, etc.

plastic bottle
PET plastic

Energy production

In some specific processes, recycled plastics can be converted into energy. Through technologies such as pyrolysis, they are converted into fuel or electricity, allowing for the reuse of resources and the recovery of energy.

Filler material

Recycled plastics can also be used as filler materials. They can be filled in other materials to increase the volume and strength of the material while reducing costs.

pelleting machine
Plastic recycling plant