Oman plastic recycling project.

Congratulations! The plastic recycling project in Oman has been successfully launched! We have supplied our customers in Oman with a comprehensive range of plastic granulator equipment, including plastic shredders, plastic washing machines, and drying machines. Keep reading to learn more.

Plastic recycling plants in Oman

We sent our professional technical team to the customer’s plastic recycling plant in Oman to assist the customer in starting the plastic recycling project. After careful installation and commissioning, the machine has been successfully put into operation and performed well. Our machines have been highly satisfied by the customer.

Plastic recycling project video

Here’s a video of the machines at work in the field, showing how great these machines are in action.

Oman Plastic Recycling Plant

If you are interested in the plastic recycling business, we invite you to contact us. As an industry leader, we can provide you with complete plastic recycling equipment and solutions.