PET flakes machine

New shipping news is here! A set of PET flakes machines has just been shipped to South Sudan. This PET flakes washing line will open up new opportunities for the environmental industry in South Sudan. Continue reading for more information.

Uses of PET flakes machine

In South Sudan, the large number of discarded plastic bottles became a business opportunity. Our customer saw this opportunity and bought a set of recycling PET machines.

The customer owns his factory and has a lot of experience in waste plastic recycling. We believe that this innovative PET flakes machine will provide a more efficient and sustainable water bottle recycling solution for this customer.

PET flakes washing line Composition

The PET flakes washing line purchased by the South Sudanese customer consists of a bottle crusher machine, a de-labeling machine, a washing machine, a hot wash tank, a flakes dryer machine, and many conveyor belts. Here are the parameters of the important recycling PET machines:

PET crusher machinePower: 22kw
Capacity: 500kg/h
Size: 1100*1400*1600mm
Crusher: 10pcs( material 9Cr Si)
Label removing machinePower:15kw+3kw
Size: 4300*1000*1600mm
Weight: 2600kg
PET washing machinePower: 3kw
Size: 5000*1000*1000mm
Hot wash tankPower: 4kw
Size: 1.3*2m
PET flakes dryer machinePower: 15kw
Size: 2500*750mm
PET flakes machine data
pet bottles cleaning recycling line
Recycling PET machine

Recycling PET machine delivery site

The South Sudan customer’s PET flakes machine has been produced and we are ready to ship. In addition, the customer has also ordered a set of PET pelletizing machines, which are under production and will be shipped to South Sudan soon.

We expect this PET flakes washing line to contribute to the customer’s plastic recycling industry, bring more profit for the customer, and contribute to the local environmental protection cause.