EPS Press Machine

Congratulations! The EPS press machine ordered by a customer from the USA has been successfully shipped. Read on for more information.

How do customers find us?

This customer from the USA expressed an interest in purchasing an EPS styrofoam recycling compactor after viewing the information on our website. The customer contacted us through a message on the website, and then our sales manager was responsible for further communication with him.

EPS Press Machine

EPS Press Machine: urgent orders!

The customer’s demand for the EPS press machine is very urgent. Therefore, after placing the order, we responded quickly and arranged the production. Efficient internal coordination ensured that the order was processed urgently to meet the customer’s time requirements.

Eventually, the customer received the EPS styrofoam recycling compactor delivered on time to fulfill his urgent need. This transaction not only demonstrated our company’s efficient sales and production processes but also emphasized the attractiveness of our products and the quality of our customer service.