waste film recycling line

Why is the choice of PP film recycling lines important? Choosing the right plastic film washing and pelletizing line is one of the most important criteria for producing quality plastic pellets and achieving profitability. The right PP film recycling line will help maintain its high quality, productivity, and low cost.

What is the PP film recycling line?

A plastic film washing and pelletizing line is a complete recycling and granulation system that integrates a PP crusher, PP washer, and PP pelletizer into one complete system. In this process, plastic scrap or waste film is recycled and reprocessed into plastic granules. The plastics processor then reuses it in a variety of applications. The most common films pelletized for recycling are PE, PP, BOPP films, multilayer films, shrink films, and stretch films.

PP film recycling line

5 factors to consider for polythene recycling plant

  1. Compact design: You can save some space.
  2. Easy installation: This helps you to recycle the film immediately without any additional configuration.
  3. Effective cost: The cost of the polythene recycling plant from Shuliy China is more competitive compared to recycling granulators of the same model.
  4. Energy efficiency: Using less energy through energy-efficient technologies is an easy way to reduce energy consumption and save on production costs.
  5. Key components for durability: The extruder screw and barrel are key components of a PP film recycling line. Choose a high-quality PP pelletizer in your plastic film washing and pelletizing line.
PP pelletizing line

Shuliy custom design services

Shuliy is known for its customized services for PP film recycling lines and machines. A Nigerian polythene recycling plant initially acquired a PP washing recycling line and established a long-term relationship with Shuliy. The quality of the machines and the after-sales service provided led the customer to purchase several pieces of recycling equipment from Shuliy.

PP film recycling line