Plastic washing machine

Plastic washing machine is a kind of recycling equipment for washing plastic waste, usually used in the plastic recycling process. Its main function is to soak the discarded plastic film in water and remove the dirt, impurities, and pollutants on the surface of the film through the mechanical stirring action of the rake teeth.

Application of plastic washing machine

Plastic scrap washing machine is suitable for cleaning plastic film, woven bags, raffia bags, garbage bags, and other plastic wastes that have been shredded by a plastic shredder. These waste plastic products usually contain various types of impurities and dirt, which are difficult to recycle directly after shredding. Through the cleaning action of the plastic washing machine, the surface dirt and impurities can be effectively removed, providing clean raw materials for subsequent recycling and granulation. Clean raw material creates higher-priced plastic pellets.

pp film
plastic film

How does plastic film washing machine work?

Plastic film washing machine is mainly composed of the water tank, rake teeth, drainage outlet, and so on. First of all, the plastic waste is put into the water tank. With the rotation of the rake teeth, the plastic scrap will roll in the sink cleaning, while the rake teeth will transport the plastic forward. With the continuous circulation of water, the plastic is thoroughly cleaned in the plastic scrap washing machine.

Plastic washing machine parameters

NamePlastic washing machine
Suitable material PP, PE, PET, HDPE, PVC

Video of plastic film washing machine

Plastic scrap washing and drying machine

Plastic washing machine can be equipped with a vertical lifting dryer machine for smooth transportation of the cleaned plastic out of the tank and rapid removal of water from it. The use of a vertical lifting dryer machine makes the whole line run more continuously and reduces manual intervention. This saves time and costs.