plastic pellet extruder machine

Plastic pellet extruder machine is an important recycling equipment to solve white pollution. The plasticizing quality of plastic granulator machines directly affects the performance of plastic pellet extruder machines. The main factors affecting the quality of plasticization are: screw L/D ratio, screw speed, barrel heating temperature, etc.

Plastic pellet extruder machine screw L/D ratio

The screw L/D ratio is an important factor affecting the plasticizing performance of plastic granules making machines. It is directly related to the processing of plastic inside the screw. Plastics with better thermal stability can use longer screws to improve mixing performance without burning. Plastics with poor thermal stability can use shorter screws.

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Plastic granulator machine screw speed

The rolling speed of the plastic granules making machine screw directly affects the shear force of the plastic in the spiral groove. The large screw should not be rotated quickly to avoid uneven plasticization and excessive conflict heat. For plastics with high heat sensitivity, if the plastic granules making machine screw speed is too high, the plastic will be easily decomposed. Generally, each size of the plastic pellet extruder machine screw has a certain speed range, the general speed of 100-150rpm. If the screw speed is too low the plastic cannot be melted and if it is too high the plastic will be burnt.

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Temperature of plastic pellet extruder machine

Higher heating temperatures help to improve the flow of the plastic and make it easier to plasticize. However, too high a temperature in a plastic granulator machine can increase energy consumption. Also, for some heat-sensitive plastics, high plastic pellet extruder machine temperatures can lead to thermal stability problems.

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