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Recently, Shuliy successfully delivered an extruder plastic pelletizing line to an important customer in Nigeria. This plastic washing pelletizing line uses advanced extrusion technology. The customer will utilize this equipment to convert waste HDPE film into recycled plastic pellets. Continue reading to learn more.

Extruder plastic pelletizing line installation project

After receiving the extruder plastic pelletizing line, the customer quickly completed the installation and put it into use. Our engineers also arrived at the site to help the customer install the machine. Utilizing this plastic film washing line, they successfully turned the waste HDPE film into high-quality plastic pellets. These pellets have created considerable economic returns for the customer. Here are some photos of the installation site.

Video of plastic film washing line

Once the plastic film washing line was up and running, this customer sent a video of the operation. The video shows the whole plant, including the crushing and washing processes. The whole line is highly automated and efficient. Let’s watch the video together.

Shuliy’s professional after-sales service

Shuliy’s after-sales service includes shipment tracking, project installation, technical consultation, feedback on equipment problems, and equipment maintenance. Our service just starts when the customer purchases a Shuliy plastic washing pelletizing line. Therefore, customers do not need to worry about after-sales service. After receiving your feedback, Shuliy will contact the relevant personnel to deal with it in time.

Shuliy also offers other models of extruder plastic pelletizing lines. They can process 500kg and 1000kg of raw materials per hour. When you intend to purchase these plastic film washing lines, please contact Shuliy immediately.

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