bottle shredder machine

The shredder machine experienced several years of development, the current shredder production technology has been quite mature. These new shredder equipment needs more people to understand, and to promote and use. Plastic waste shredder is the current solid waste waste recycling efficient equipment

Classification of shredder machine

There are several kinds of plastic waste shredders such as knife plates, pendulum types, roller types, gear types, and so on. We have detailed the types of shredder equipment in this blog below. If you’re interested, click through and take a look.

Blade material of shredder equipment

Shredder machine blade material is generally 9crsi, Cr12MoV, SKD-11. 9CrSi is an alloy tool steel. This material tool’s hardness, and wear resistance are better. General plastic waste shredder blade with this material.

plastic straw shredder
plastic recycling crusher

Tips for using shredder machine

About the use of a plastic waste shredder, here to share with you a little tip. It can both increase the output of the shredder equipment and reduce the loss. It can also effectively reduce the occurrence of the failure rate of the shredder equipment. Before crushing the same material size materials will be divided uniformly. After the shredder machine is turned on and off, it needs to run empty for a few minutes, so that the material in the shredder’s studio is completely eliminated.

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