plastic film dryer machine

Vertical plastic film dryer machines and horizontal plastic dryer machines have similar functions, both are to remove the water in the raw material. This kind of plastic dehydrator is more suitable for drying soft materials such as plastic film. In some soft material granulation, we will often see it.

Plastic film dryer machine applications

Plastic film, agricultural film, mulch film, as well as soft plastics such as woven bags and packaging bags can be dewatered in a plastic film dryer machine after being crushed and cleaned.

Two plastic dehydrators: horizontal and vertical

Horizontal plastic dryer machines and vertical plastic film dryer machines are two common drying equipment, and there are some differences between them in terms of structure and application.


The horizontal plastic dryer machine is characterized by horizontal placement, and the material rotates horizontally in the cylinder. It is suitable for drying bottle flakes and usually occupies a large floor area.

horizontal plastic dryer machine


Vertical plastic film dryer machine, on the other hand, is characterized by vertical placement. The material moves vertically up and down in the cylinder, which is suitable for soft plastics such as films that are sensitive to humidity. The plastic drying machine occupies a relatively small area and is suitable for use in limited space.

plastic drying machines
Vertical plastic drying machine

We should consider comprehensively according to the specific material characteristics, production demand, and site conditions when choosing the plastic dehydrator.

Plastic dehydrator Data

  • Model: SL-500
  • Power: 7.5kw
  • Model: SL-600
  • Power: 15kw

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