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PVC shredder machine is usually placed in the front section of the plastic recycling line, undertaking the task of crushing and shredding waste plastics. However, over a long period of time, the blades will gradually wear out, affecting the performance of the plastic waste grinder machine. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the PVC shredder machine, it is crucial to change the blades regularly. In this article, we will introduce the steps for changing the blades of a plastic waste grinder machine to ensure that you can complete this important maintenance work correctly and safely.

Remove old blades

Before you begin replacing the blades, you first need to turn off the power to the water bottle crusher machine and wait for it to stop completely. Next, carefully remove the old blade, making sure not to damage adjacent parts. Wear gloves during this process to avoid scratches.

PVC shredder machine

Installation of new blades

Choose a new blade of the right type and install it accurately onto the PVC shredder machine blade holder. Ensure that the new blade is securely mounted so that it does not loosen or fall off during operation.

Adjusting Blade Clearance

The gap between the movable and fixed knives of the plastic waste grinder machine directly affects the crushing effect. For different materials of plastics, the gap between the blades can be adjusted appropriately, generally 1~2mm. For film plastics, the gap should be as small as possible, in order to improve the crushing efficiency of the water bottle crusher machine.

plastic waste grinder machine

Checking PVC shredder machine blades

After completing blade installation and adjustment, carefully check that the moving and fixed knives do not interfere with each other. Make sure that the plastic waste grinder machine blades are not worn, deformed, or otherwise abnormal. If any problems are found, replace or repair them promptly.

Test drive

After reassembling and adjusting the blades, restart the PVC shredder machine for a short test run. Observe whether the blade is running normally and make sure there is no abnormal noise or vibration. If everything is normal, it means that the knife change of the water bottle crusher machine works successfully.

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