foam melting machine

EPS hot melting recycling machine is a machine that crushes and conveys waste EPS foam to a heated barrel by means of a gearbox drive. Under the high-temperature environment, the foam material is melted into a flowing state and finally flows out from the outlet through the extrusion of the screw.

Introduction of EPS hot melting recycling machine

Foam melter is a recycling equipment specialized in handling waste EPS (Extended Polystyrene) foam materials. It can crush and melt the waste foam products and then remold them into usable raw materials. The EPS foam melting machine can efficiently convert waste foam fast food boxes, packaging boxes, insulation materials, etc. into reusable block raw materials, contributing to the cause of environmental protection.

Working Principle of Styrofoam melter

  1. Foam Crushing: The waste EPS foam is first sent into the crushing chamber of the EPS hot melting recycling machine, which usually adopts the design of double-axis crushing blades. Two parallel rotating blade shafts inside the crushing chamber rotate in different directions to break the foam material into small particles.
  2. Heating and melting: The foam blocks are fed into the heated barrel of the foam melter. The EPS foam material is heated to a molten state through a high-temperature environment. During this process, the molecular structure of the material changes and becomes plasticized.
  3. Extrusion molding: In a heated state, the melted foam material is extruded out of the machine by the push of the screw of the styrofoam melter.

Application of EPS foam melting machine

Foam materials that can be processed by an EPS hot melting recycling machine include but are not limited to:

  • Fast food box
  • Packaging box
  • Thermal box
  • Foam sheet for home appliance protection
  • Refrigerator Packaging Foam
  • Plastic Models
  • Packaging Fillers
  • Ship buoyancy devices
  • Building insulation
  • Foam packaging for medical applications

Styrofoam melter can process these waste foam products into reusable plastic raw materials by heating and melting technology, which realizes the recycling of resources.

Description of EPS hot melting recycling machine

Place of originChina
Brand nameShuliy Machinery
ModelSL-220, SL-880, SL-1000
Inlet Power3 kw
Capacity100-250 kg/h
Packaging detailsWooden pallet packing
Warranty12 months
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EPS hot melting recycling machine

FAQ about EPS foam melting machine

What types of foam materials can this machine handle?

EPS hot melting recycling machine is suitable for processing extended polymer materials such as EPS and EPE. Examples include discarded foam fast food containers, packaging boxes, and insulation materials.

Does Foam Melter have automated controls?

Yes, the EPS hot melting recycling machine is equipped with an advanced automatic control system, which can realize fully automatic operation and improve production efficiency.

EPS Foam Melting Machines

What do I need to be aware of during use?

When using the styrofoam melter, care should be taken to avoid direct contact with the high-temperature area. At the same time, the operator should wear appropriate protective equipment to ensure safe operation.

How to maintain and care for this equipment?

  1. Regularly clean debris and buildup inside the EPS hot melting recycling machine to keep the machine clean.
  2. Check the connection of electrical and mechanical parts to ensure stable operation of the equipment.
  3. Replace worn-out parts when needed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Recommended Match

Foam melter can be used independently, but when used in conjunction with plastic foam granulators, a more comprehensive treatment of waste foam materials and reuse of resources can be achieved. Using both machines together allows for more efficient foam scrap processing and helps to reduce waste generation. It is also in line with the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development.