pellet storage bin

Poly pellets storage container is a plastic pelletizing and recycling equipment used to store plastic pellets or granular raw materials. It is commonly used in the plastic recycling business.

Features of poly pellets storage container

  1. Strong sealing performance: Plastic pellet storage bins are usually designed with good sealing devices, which can effectively prevent the influence of external moisture, impurities, and other factors on the plastic pellets.
  2. Customizable capacity: The capacity of the polypropylene granules stock bin can be adjusted according to your needs to meet the requirements of different sizes of production lines.
  3. Easy access: The poly pellets storage containers are designed with a pick-up port, which makes it easy to remove the pellets for subsequent processing.
  4. Maintain pellet quality: The proper storage environment and sealing design can maintain the quality of pellets and avoid moisture and contamination problems.
  5. Improve production efficiency: The plastic pellet storage bin allows for efficient organization and management of the pellet supply, improving the stability and efficiency of the production line.
plastic pellet storage bin

Plastic pellet storage bin parameter

The poly pellets storage containers can store 1-2 tons of plastic granules with 2.2kw power and the weight of the whole machine is 120kg. The polypropylene granules stock bin is suitable for storing and supplying plastic granules, and it is an auxiliary equipment for the plastic pelletizing machine.

poly pellets storage containers