friction washer

Friction washer makes the bottle flakes friction under the action of water by means of a high-speed rotating screw, thus effectively separating and washing away the impurities attached to the surface such as soil, sand, leaves, pulp, and so on. It is the second step in the bottle recycling washing process.

How does Friction washer work?

After PET bottle flakes are put into the friction washing machine, the blades rub strongly against the material as the shaft rotates at high speed. At the same time, a water spray system continuously sprays water onto the material surface to prevent clogging. The whole machine is tilted 15 degrees for better effect so that the dirty materials enter smoothly. The cleaned bottle flakes are discharged from the outlet, ready to enter the next cleaning stage. This working principle of the high-speed friction washer ensures efficient cleaning of PET bottle flakes and provides clean materials for subsequent processing.

high speed friction washer
high speed friction washer

Features of friction washing machine

  • Through high-speed rotation and water spraying, it can efficiently clean the material surface and effectively remove the attached impurities and dirt.
  • The use of mechanical friction and hydrodynamic cleaning, compared with chemical cleaning is more environmentally friendly and does not produce harmful waste.
  • The cleaning medium in the cleaning process can be reused after corresponding treatment and filtration, realizing the effective recycling of resources.
  • It can be used to clean a variety of materials, especially in the field of plastic recycling has been widely used, such as cleaning PET bottles and flakes.
  • The structure of the friction washer is sturdy and durable, which can ensure stable operation for a long time.
friction washer
friction washer

Friction washer Data

Out Layer4mm
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Washing systems for bottle recycling lines

Hot water washing tanks, friction washers, and plastic flakes washing machines together make up the cleaning system of a bottle recycling line. The number of these cleaning machines can be adjusted appropriately according to the degree of dirtiness of your raw materials. About the bottle recycling line if you have other questions, welcome to leave us a message on the website.

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