EPS granulator

EPS pelletizing machine is a kind of equipment specialized in expanded polystyrene recycling and processing. After a series of heating, extruding, and molding processes, the foam scrap is converted into plastic pellets for reuse. EPS granulator helps to minimize the waste of waste foam materials and also plays a positive role in environmental protection.

Raw materials for plastic foam granulator

The main raw material for EPS pelletizing machines is waste polystyrene foam. These waste foam materials can include various forms of EPS foam products, such as foam packaging materials, thermal insulation materials, foam fast food containers, and so on.

EPS foam recycling granulation process

The EPS polystyrene foam granulation process is the process of converting waste EPS foam material into reusable plastic pellets through a series of processing steps. The following is a general EPS foam pelletizing process:

  1. Crushing and cleaning: Firstly, the waste EPS foam material will be fed into the foam crushing machine, which will crush it into small particles by mechanical force. If the raw material is too dirty you can add a washing process to remove impurities, dirt, etc.
  2. Melting: The crushed EPS foam blocks are sent into the EPS pelletizing machine and melted into a liquid state by heating.
  3. Filtering and screw extrusion: The melted EPS material will be filtered through a screen to remove residual impurities. Next, the clean molten material is fed into the screw extruder, which extrudes it into fine strips through the die head.
  4. Cutting: The filamentary EPS material is fed into the pellet cutting machine, which cuts it into small pellets of appropriate length.
  5. Packaging and storage: Finally, the resulting EPS plastic pellets are packaged for subsequent use. Also, it can be stored in the designated storage bin.
EPS pelletizing machine

Parameters of EPS pelletizing machine

  • Model: SL-160
  • Machine size: 3400*2100*1600mm
  • Inlet size: 780*780mm
  • Power: 30kw
  • Capacity: 150-200kg/hour
  • Heating method: Heating ring

This is just one of our many EPS granulator models. If you want other output EPS pelletizing machines, welcome to leave your message on the website.

FAQ about plastic foam granulator

1. Q: What is the capacity of EPS pelletizing machine?
A: The capacity depends on the machine model and ranges from 150kg to 375kg per hour.

2. Q: Is this EPS granulator suitable for recycling all types of polystyrene foam?
A: Yes, the machine is designed to efficiently process all forms of polystyrene foam.

3. Q: Does this machine come with a warranty?
A: Yes, we offer a one year warranty on our plastic foam granulator to ensure customer satisfaction.

4. Q: How is this machine powered?
A: This machine is powered by an electric motor that provides it with the necessary energy.

5. Q: Can this machine handle other types of plastic materials?
A: The EPS pelletizing machine is specifically designed to process polystyrene foam and it is recommended that it be used for this purpose only.

EPE pelletizer

EPS pelletizing machine maintenance

Maintenance of EPS pelletizing machine is a key step to ensure its normal operation and prolong its service life. Maintenance personnel should formulate a corresponding maintenance plan according to the specific EPS foam granulator model and use, and strictly implement it to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the machine. We recommend a comprehensive inspection of the plastic foam granulator every six months. At the same time, following the maintenance manual and recommendations provided by the manufacturer is also an important reference.