cooling water tank

Cooling water tanks are auxiliary equipment in the plastic pelletizing process. Its main function is to cool down the plastic long strip extruded by the granulating machine plastic recycling so that it can solidify into a state that can be cut.

The Role of the Cooling Water Tank

Extruded plastic strips are often hot and soft, making them difficult to cut into plastic pellets immediately. Cooling tanks play the role of cooling down the plastic strips in plastic pelletizing lines. After cooling, the plastic strip becomes hard and easy to cut by the pellet cutter machine.

cooling tank in plastic pelletizing line

Material of cooling tank

The material used to make the cooling water tank directly affects its stability and durability during the production process. Shuliy plastic cooling machines are made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, which is suitable for a wide range of plastics production environments.

cooling machine plastic