PET bottle recycling plant

Washing is an important step in a bottle recycling plant. The quality of PET bottle recycling is affected by the quality of the cleaning. Next, we will introduce the cleaning process of the PET bottle scrap recycling plant.

Bottle recycling plant: Pre-wash section

The rinsing tank is the initial cleaning stage, which aims to remove most of the visible dirt from the surface of the plastic bottle pieces by rinsing, such as food debris, dirt, etc. This washing step also separates the bottle caps made of PP PE.

bottle recycling plant

PET bottle scrap recycling plant: Hot washing

A plastic hot washing machine is a critical cleaning step. The use of hot water is more effective in removing residual organic matter such as grease and glue. The high temperatures help soften and dissolve these organics, making them easier to rinse away. This step is often used in conjunction with chemical cleaners.

PET bottle recycling plant

Bottle recycling plant: Friction washing

The friction washer is the final wash in a bottle recycling plant. Friction cleaning removes dirt and impurities by mechanically rubbing the surface of the bottle pieces. This step removes the residual chemical detergents left after hot washing making the bottle flakes cleaner and transparent.

PET bottle recycling plant