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PET flakes hot washing machine is a special equipment used to treat plastic bottle chips. Its main function is to effectively remove impurities, pollutants, and other substances from plastic bottle flakes through electromagnetic heating and mechanical stirring action. After the hot washing process, the bottle flakes are of higher quality and can be used to produce new plastic products again.

Application of PET flakes hot washing machine

PET bottle flakes hot washing machine is widely used in the field of plastic bottle cleaning and recycling, it is an essential equipment in PET bottle cleaning line. The hot water washing tank is mainly used to wash bottle flakes obtained from waste PET bottles to make them reach the quality standard for reuse. This equipment is widely used in small, medium, and large chemical fiber factories.

PET hot washing machine
Hot water washing tank

How does Hot water washing tank work?

Shuliy PET flakes hot washing machine uses electromagnetic heating. We recommend controlling the water temperature within a temperature range of 85-95 degrees to maximize the cleaning effect. During the working process, bottle flakes usually need to be cleaned for 30-45 minutes to ensure full and thorough cleaning of dirt. At the same time, the Hot water washing tank is equipped with a stirring device to ensure that the water temperature is evenly distributed and that the bottles are adequately cleaned.

In addition, detergents can be added as needed to enhance the cleaning effect. Through this series of operations, the PET bottle flakes hot washing machine can efficiently complete the cleaning process of items, applicable to a variety of cleaning needs of the scene.

PET flakes hot washing machine
PET bottle flakes hot washing machines

Structure of PET flakes hot washing machine

PET flakes hot washing machine is a kind of recycling equipment for cleaning plastic bottle pieces, and its basic structure includes the shell, inner tank, heating system, temperature control system, stirring device, drainage system, and other components. It softens and cleans the dirt and impurities on the surface of the items by heating the water source and stirring to achieve an efficient cleaning process. PET bottle flakes hot washing machine plays a key role, especially in situations where high cleaning standards are required.

Hot water washing tank specifications

MaterialCarbon Steel
Outer thickness4mm
Bottom thickness8mm
Heating methodElectromagnetic heating
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PET bottle flakes hot washing machine
PET flakes hot washing machine in the bottle hot washing line

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There is a significant difference in quality between hot and cold washing of plastic bottle flakes. Hot washing uses high-temperature water or steam to soften and dissolve the dirt adhering to the surface of bottle flakes, so the cleaning effect is more thorough, and can also kill some bacteria and microorganisms to improve the level of hygiene. In contrast, the cleaning effect of cold washing is relatively weak, especially for the more firmly attached pollutants cleaning effect may be poor, and can not achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Therefore, we recommend the hot wash recycling method, adding PET flakes hot washing machines to the plastic bottle cleaning line.