washing and sorting tank

PET flakes washing machines, also called plastic float sink tanks, serve two main purposes. One is cleaning, removing dirt, grease, and other impurities from the surface of plastic bottle flakes so that the bottle flakes are restored to a clean state. The second is separation. In the cleaning process, the plastic float sink tank will be based on the differences in the material of the bottle cap, using physical separation methods to separate the PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) material bottle caps from PET bottle flakes.

Importance of PET flakes washing machine

PET bottle washing machine has a vital role in plastic bottle recycling lines, its importance is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Efficient cleaning of contaminants:
Waste PET bottle flakes have various dirt, grease, dust, and other impurities attached to the surface. These pollutants will affect the quality of PET bottle flakes reuse. PET flake washing machines can efficiently remove these pollutants and ensure the cleanliness of bottle flakes through soaking, rinsing, mechanical friction, and other methods.

plastic float sink tank

2. Separate PP and PE bottle caps:
Clean PET bottle flakes may have caps made of materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene mixed in. PET bottle washing machines are able to separate them effectively. This is because these different materials need to be handled separately in the subsequent processing of the bottle caps to ensure the quality of the recycled product.

3. Increase recycling efficiency:
The clean and tidy PET bottle flakes can be used to re-produce new PET products such as bottles, fibers and so on. Through the processing of PET flakes washing machine, the reuse efficiency of waste PET bottles can be maximized, reducing the need for virgin material.

Principle of plastic float sink tank

The PET flakes washing machine separates the bottle caps made of PP PE by means of flotation separation. The density of PP and PE bottle caps is smaller than water, while the density of PET bottle flakes is larger than water. In the tank of the washing machine, when the broken plastic bottles enter the water, the PP and PE bottle caps will float on the surface of the water because their density is less than water, while the PET bottle flakes will sink to the bottom of the water because their density is greater than water. This is the simplest and most effective way of separation.

The bottom of the plastic float sink tank is equipped with a spiral device, which pushes the PET bottle flakes that sink to the floor into the next washing process.

Parameters of PET flakes washing machine

  • Model: SL-150
  • Motor power: 3kw
  • Size: 5000*1000*1000mm
  • Warranty: 12 months