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This blog describes the solution to underpowered PP crushers. Keep reading to learn more.

Checking the power supply

A common reason for a pipe crusher machine to lose power is a power failure. Make sure the outlet and plug connections are stable and the cord is not broken or burned.

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PP crusher

If all of these checks are OK, test the outlet for power with another appliance. Or disassemble the motor to see if there are any loose or dusty areas.

Maintenance of PP crusher knives

The knives of a wholesale plastic crusher machine will continue to wear out during use, and if they are worn excessively they will result in a loss of power. Therefore, regular inspection and replacement of knives are key to maintaining your pulverizer. It is also important to clean the knives, either with a brush or a pneumatic vacuum cleaner to remove accumulated dust and debris.

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Cleaning pipe crusher machine

Frequent cleaning of the PP crusher can effectively prevent the machine from losing power. The easiest way to do this is to clean the dust and debris. Wholesale plastic crusher machine manufacturers recommend cleaning after each use to be better prepared for the next job.

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Wholesale plastic crusher machine

Checking the conveyor belt

A loose or damaged conveyor belt can also cause the pipe crusher machine to lose power. Check the conveyor belt and use the correct tension to ensure proper operation.