plastic extrusion granulation machine

Plastic extrusion granulation machine is a widely used equipment in the plastics processing industry, which consists of two intermeshing screws and a barrel. During use, the screw and barrel need to be replaced due to wear and damage over time. Here is how to replace the screw and barrel of a granule plastic machine.

Preparing tools and materials

Replacing screws and barrels in plastic bags recycling granulate melting machines requires the preparation of some tools and materials, including wrenches, calipers, screwdrivers, new screws, new barrels, lubricating oil, and so on.

Shut down and power off

plastic granulating machine

Before replacing the screw and barrel, it is necessary to stop the plastic extrusion granulation machine and disconnect the power to ensure safety.

Disassembly of old screws and barrels

recycled plastic granules machine

First, you need to disassemble the old screw and barrel. Use a wrench and screwdriver to loosen the attachment bolts on the screw and barrel and remove them from the plastic extrusion granulation machine. Be careful not to damage the threads and sealing surfaces during disassembly.

Clean plastic extrusion granulation machines

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After disassembling the old screw and barrel, it needs to be cleaned and inspected. Check for any damage or wear and tear, and if there is any it needs to be replaced or repaired promptly.

It is also necessary to clean the inside of the barrel of the granule plastic machine to ensure that the new screw can operate properly.

Installation of new screws and barrels

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Installation is carried out in the reverse order, i.e. the barrel is installed first and then the screw. In the process of installation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the connecting bolts of each part of the plastic extrusion granulation machine are firm and reliable.