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The blade is the key component of the plastic shredder. Blade quality good or bad, directly affects the quality and efficiency of crushing. Plastic grinders and shredders blades generally have ordinary manganese steel knives, inlaid alloy knives, and so on. A general plastic shredder blade works for about 3 days need to grind a knife.

Plastic shredder sharpening times

The number of sharpening times is not only related to the quality of the knife but also to the cleanliness of the material. The cleaner the raw material, the longer the blade of the plastic shredder. The general small plastic recycling factory processing volume is not too large, and the general blade is on the line. Large plastic recycling plant processing volume. In order to improve the efficiency of the polythene shredder machine, choosing a better knife is more appropriate.

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How to change the knife of polythene shredder machine?

The general order of knife loading is to put on a good piece of moving knife first. Adjust the distance between the blade and the bottom of the screen, and then put on a piece of fixed knife. Then, put on the other two pieces of movable knife. Note that the screws should be tightened well to prevent accidents. Polythene shredder machine initial knife or knife change, to adjust the knife distance. Between the plastic grinders and shredders blade and the blade, as long as it does not scrape, the smaller the distance, the better.

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Plastic shredder Knife Sharpening Tips

Sharpening knives generally use a knife grinding machine or grinder. Small factories can also use hand-grinding wheels or grinders to grind knives. But to skilled workers to operate. The knife should be ground flat, straight, and at the right angle in order to achieve the output of the plastic shredder, and powder out good bottle chips.

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