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ABS plastic shredders are growing rapidly due to their advantages in recycling waste plastics. The function of plastic film shredder machines is to crush these reusable plastic products into small enough pellets. Then, they are put into a plastic pelletizer to be melted and extruded for reuse. This makes it easy to achieve recycling and reuse of plastics.

Role of ABS plastic shredder

Plastic film shredder machines can be used to crush all kinds of solid or hollow materials, such as plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, waste electrical appliances, waste cables, industrial waste, household garbage, and so on. Compared with other plastic scrap crusher machines, the Shuliy ABS plastic shredder is characterized by a large crushing force of the knife shaft, which is suitable for some difficult-to-deal-with large lumps and high-hardness materials.

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Plastic scrap crusher machine Features

  1. The pneumatic part of the ABS plastic shredder is equipped with an automatic reversing control setting for overload conditions. This setting can reduce the chance of damage to the plastic scrap crusher machine when the machine overruns.
  2. The embedded bearing base not only enhances the stability of the plastic film shredder machine itself but also increases its coaxiality.
  3. The blades are made of alloy with higher strength, which greatly improves the hardness and resistance to abrasion.
  4. The spindle is modulated to increase its service life.