plastic crusher machine

Plastic bottle crusher is a recycling equipment specially designed for recycling plastic bottles, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, milk bottles, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, and other bottles made of PET or HDPE. It quickly shears and crushes the plastic bottles into small particles by means of high-speed rotating movable and fixed knives. This significantly reduces the size of plastic bottles for subsequent processing and recycling.

Which bottles can be crushed with plastic bottle crusher?

Plastic bottle crushers can effectively process many types of plastic bottles including all kinds of beverage bottles such as mineral water bottles, soft drink bottles, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, plastic containers, plastic cards, and so on. Bundles of flattened plastic bottles, also called bottle bricks, can be processed into individual flat bottles with a bale opener and then crushed with a water bottle crushing machine.

PET bottle shredder structure

Plastic bottle shredder machine is mainly composed of a feed inlet, crushing chamber, screen, discharge inlet, motor, and reducer.

  • Feeding inlet: The feeding system includes components such as a hopper and conveyor belt, which are used to put the plastic bottles to be crushed inside the plastic bottle crusher.
  • Crushing chamber: The crushing chamber is the core part of the PET bottle shredder, including the movable knife and fixed knife. The movable knife is usually fixed on the rotor, while the fixed knife is stationary in the casing, forming a certain gap between the two so that the plastic bottles can be effectively sheared and crushed.
  • Driving system: Shuliy plastic bottle shredder machine usually consists of a motor, reducer, transmission shaft, etc., through the transmission device to drive the knife rotation, so as to realize the crushing of plastic bottles.
  • Screen System: The screen is usually located inside the crushing chamber and is used to control the size of the crushed particles to ensure that they meet the required specifications. The screen size is generally 14-18mm.
  • Discharge System: The discharge system is used to discharge the crushed plastic particles from the crushing chamber. The discharged plastic flakes can go directly into the PET flakes washing machine for cleaning.
plastic bottle crusher
plastic bottle crusher

Plastic bottle crusher parameters

Capacity: 200-500kg/h
Motor: 11 kW
Knife: 5 pcs
Dia. : 325mm

Capacity: 1200kg/h
Motor: 20-30 kW
Knife: 10 pcs
Dia. : 425mm

Capacity: 1500kg/h
Motor: 37 kW
Knife: 12 pcs
Dia. : 425mm

PET bottle shredder Highlights

  1. The plastic scrap crusher machine is equipped with an adjustable screen system, which can adjust the size of crushed particles as needed to meet different processing requirements.
  2. The drive system adopts a high-efficiency motor and transmission device, which ensures the high-speed rotation of knives, thus realizing a fast and efficient crushing effect
  3. The key components of the plastic bottle crusher are of detachable design, which is convenient for daily maintenance and cleaning, and ensures the stable operation of the equipment.
  4. The Shuliy plastic bottle crusher is equipped with a screw mixer as a forced feeding device, which effectively prevents the material from flying out.
plastic shredder

Plastic crusher operation precautions

  • Regularly inspect and maintain the plastic bottle crusher to ensure performance and longevity.
  • Ensure that the plastic scrap crusher machine’s blades are properly installed and tightened to avoid loosening or dislodging during operation.
  • Evenly drop plastic bottles into the feed opening to prevent overloading or jamming.
  • Keep screens clean to avoid clogging to ensure efficient operation of the plastic bottle shredder machine.
plastic bottle crusher

FAQ about water bottle crushing machine

Q1: Can the plastic bottle crusher handle different types of plastic bottles?
A1: Yes, the plastic bottle crusher is designed to process various types of plastic bottles, including PET, HDPE, and more.
Q2: What is the expected lifespan of the blades?
A2: Under normal use, it is recommended to change the set of blades in 3-4 months.
Q3: Is the PET bottle shredder suitable for industrial-scale operations?
A3: Yes, it is designed to handle high volumes of plastic bottle crushing, making it suitable for industrial applications.

water bottle crushing machine

Q4: How do I clean and maintain the screening system?
A4: Regularly inspect the screen for any blockages or wear, and clean it as needed to ensure proper functioning.
Q5: Can I adjust the size of the crushed particles?
A5: Yes, the screening system can be adjusted to achieve the desired particle size range.

Blade Installation and Maintenance

Water bottle crushing machine blades are an important part of crushing materials. After a period of time, the blades will become stale and affect the crushing effect. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the blades regularly to ensure the normal operation and working efficiency of the plastic bottle shredder machine. The following are the steps for installing the blades:

  1. Using a wrench and screwdriver, remove the old blades from the plastic bottle crusher. Be careful not to use too much force to avoid damaging the machine and yourself.
  2. After removing the old blade, you need to clean the inside of the PET bottle shredder where the base and blade are fixed. Use a brush to clean them to ensure that the blades can be installed properly.
  3. Install the new blade inside the plastic bottle crusher. Before installing the blade, it is recommended that the edges of the blade be lubricated to allow it to be placed easily in its support position. Then, screw on the screws and nuts to secure the blade to the base.
  4. When installing the plastic scrap crusher machine blades, you need to make sure that each blade is in its correct position. If the blades are not installed correctly, the proper functioning of the PET bottle shredder will be affected.

plastic bottle crusher in bottle recycling line

The plastic bottle shredder machine is located after the plastic bottle label remover in the bottle recycling line. A conveyor belt is used to connect the water bottle crushing machine and the plastic bottle label remover, which can realize automatic feeding and improve production efficiency.

Video of bottle recycling line in operation