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Industrial plastic crusher is an important piece of equipment in plastic recycling. However, long-time high-load operations will accelerate the wear and tear of the small-scale plastic shredder and reduce the service life. So, how should we reduce the load of industrial plastic crushers in the process of using them? Keep reading.

Industrial plastic crusher load source

In the normal rotation of the belt of the small-scale plastic shredder, the movable knife and fixed knife of the main shaft can cut the plastic into small pieces and then filter by the screen. If the material is uneven and more, it will lead to clogging of the screen. This will load the plastic shredder grinder crusher machine and have a great impact on the motor, pulley, and drive pulley. This leads to an increase in current and heat of the industrial plastic crusher motor, and accelerated wear of the belt and pulley.

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Ways to reduce small-scale plastic shredder loads

Regular cleaning of screens

The screen is the core component of the plastic shredder grinder crusher machine, but it will accumulate a large amount of residue and impurities after a long time of use, resulting in increased equipment load. Regular cleaning of the screen can effectively reduce the load of the industrial plastic crusher and ensure crushing efficiency.

Adjustment of material feed rate

Too fast material supply speed may lead to small-scale plastic shredder overload operation and increase the load of the equipment. Therefore, set the material supply speed reasonably according to the industrial plastic crusher model and processing capacity to avoid overloading.

Use of hydrodynamic couplings

Adding the hydraulic coupler in the transmission device of the plastic shredder grinder crusher machine can play a certain protective role in motor overload. The fluid coupler can accelerate slowly at startup, reducing the impact of sudden startup on the equipment and lowering the load.