plastic extruder pelletizer

The latest installation news is here! A Shuliy plastic pelletizing line was successfully installed in Saudi Arabia. Saudi customers are very satisfied when receiving Shuliy’s machines. Our engineers guided the customer to install the waste plastic granulation line on-site. We believe that this set of plastic recycling granulating lines can bring the expected income for this Saudi customer. If you want to know more about plastic pelletizing lines, please read on.

How do Saudi customers find us?

This client discovered the Shuliy Group through an internet search. This Saudi client was impressed by Shuliy’s professionalism after browsing our website, especially the successful cases provided on the website. As a result, this client finally chose to work with Shuliy.

Benefits of plastic pelletizing line for customers in Saudi Arabia

  • High production efficiency: this Saudi customer requires high production efficiency of the waste plastic granulation line. Shuliy plastic recycling granulating line is fully automatic equipment. It automates the plastic pelletizing process. So it can significantly improve the production efficiency.
  • High quality: The Shuliy waste plastic granulation line produces consistent quality plastic pellets, which is what Saudi customers need. The high quality of the plastic pelletizing line has improved the plastic recycling efficiency and profitability of the Saudi client.
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Plastic pelletizing machine

Why do customers choose Shuliy?

  • Advanced equipment: The advanced technology and materials of the Shuliy plastic recycling granulating line attracted this Saudi Arabian customer. The customer found the Shuliy plastic pelletizing line efficient and easy to operate.
  • Excellent service: The Saudi Arabian customer received excellent customer service during the communication process, and Shuliy also provided after-sales service, including installation, training, and maintenance. These services ensure the smooth operation of the machines in Saudi Arabia.