PET label remover machine

Plastic label remover is a specialized equipment for removing labels, trademarks, and other substances attached to the surface of plastic bottles. This automated label remover is designed to increase the efficiency of plastic bottle recycling.

Uses and principles of plastic label remover

The main purpose of the bottle label remover machine is to efficiently remove labels, trademarks, and other substances from the surface of bottles to ensure the quality and reuse value of recycled materials. Its working principle is to cut off the labels from PET bottles by utilizing the blades on the spindle and the fixed knives working in concert. Subsequently, the airflow generated by the fan blows the peeled labels away from the PET bottles, realizing label removal.

Necessity of plastic label removing machine

Labels and bottles have different melting points, which means they need to be handled separately during the recycling process. By using a plastic label remover, the label can be removed from the bottle first. This ensures that there are no mixed impurities in the subsequent recycling process, improving the purity and quality of the recycled material. Therefore, a bottle label remover machine is required for all plastic bottle recycling.

PET label remover machine

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