woven bag pelletizer machine

PP pelletizing line is a common equipment in the plastic recycling industry. Its function is to crush, melt, and extrude plastic raw materials to make plastic pellets. Although the production process and principle of the PE granulation line are more or less the same, there is a big difference in the price of the PP pelletizing line from different manufacturers and brands. Today, we will explore the reasons for the price difference of plastic recycling washing lines.

Impact of market demand

The demand for PP pelletizing lines varies in different regions and companies. In regions with higher demand, the price of PE granulation lines is relatively higher. For example, in regions where plastic recycling is emphasized or where the production of plastic products is concentrated, the demand for plastic recycling washing lines may be higher. In these areas, the plastic recycling lines price is also relatively high.

PP pelletizing line

Consideration of production costs

The production cost of the plastic recycling washing line mainly includes raw materials, labor, equipment depreciation, and other costs. Some high-end PP pelletizing lines, in order to improve product quality and productivity, use high-quality raw materials and advanced production technology. This will make the production cost increase, and the corresponding price will also increase. In addition, some PP pelletizing line manufacturers in order to reduce costs, use poor-quality raw materials or simplify the production process. Although the PE granulation line price is lower, the product quality is unstable and easy to damage, which will also increase the cost of use.

PP Pelletizing line configuration differences

The configuration of the PE granulation line is also an important source of price difference. A complete plastic recycling washing line usually includes a number of components such as a plastic crusher, a washing machine, a dryer machine, a granulator, and so on. PP pelletizing lines with the same specifications produced by different manufacturers may differ in the configuration of each part. Some equipment equipped with advanced technology may make the performance of the whole production line more superior, thus raising the price.