plastic dryer machine

Plastic dryer machines are mainly used to remove moisture from plastic pellets and sheets to ensure that the plastics are kept in the required dry state during subsequent processing. This is vital to the production process of plastic pelletizing, injection molding, and other production processes. This is because plastics with excessive moisture may affect product quality, processing efficiency, and molding accuracy.

What are the applications of plastic dryer machines?

PET flakes dryer machines are widely used in plastic bottle washing lines and hard plastic recycling lines. It is mainly used for drying bottles that have been crushed by a plastic crusher. Some PET, HDPE, APS, and other hard plastic flakes need to be dried before the next step of processing.

Strengths of Plastic Dryers

  • The plastic dryer machine utilizes centrifugal dewatering technology to quickly and efficiently strip excess water from plastic flakes.
  • The dehydration effect is good, and the moisture content of the dried plastic chips is about two percent.,
  • The plastic dewatering machine is made of corrosion-resistant material, which ensures the stable operation of the equipment for a long time.
  • PET flakes dryer machine is widely used, PET HDPE ABS PA and other materials are suitable for plastic. The dryer can also be used with a plastic recycling line.
plastic dryer machine

Parameters of plastic dewatering machine

  • Model: SL-550
  • Outer diameter: 550mm
  • Length: 1000mm
  • Filter hole diameter: 4mm
  • Capacity: 1000kg/h

The SL-550 is the most popular PET flake dryer machine model. And we have both horizontal and vertical plastic dryer machines to choose from. If you need a machine with other output, please leave us a message on our website. We will contact you immediately and recommend the right plastic dryer machine for you.

plastic dryer machines in recycling lines

By introducing a dryer at the end of the recycling line, we are able to effectively remove water from plastic pellets and plastic bottle flakes to ensure product quality and stability. This not only improves the efficiency of the subsequent processing steps but also reduces the scrap rate.