industrial pelletizer

An industrial pelletizer is a piece of equipment used to process plastic waste into granular form. When operating a plastic extruder, there are some key things to keep in mind during startup and stoppage to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Notes before starting industrial pelletizer

  • Before starting the plastic extruder for the first time after installation of the new machine, it is necessary to check whether all the connecting bolts are locked. After the waste plastic granulator machine runs once, the connection parts should be checked again
  • Heat the auxiliary machine die head of the plastic granulator first, wait for 20-40 minutes, and then start the heating of other temperature zones
  • Strictly prohibit metal objects close to the air inlet and exhaust port, so as not to fall into the screw barrel, resulting in unnecessary losses
  • Start the motor of the main machine and auxiliary machine of the waste plastic granulator machine respectively, and observe whether the steering is correct
  • Each time the production is completed and needs to be shut down, the material in the main and auxiliary industrial pelletizer screws should be pushed out
  • Open the industrial pelletizer head and empty the residual material to prevent plastic hardening, which will bring difficulties to the production
plastic pelletizing line

Waste plastic granulator machine die head notes

  • Before heating, the mold head screen plate must be raised 8-10mm to prevent the mold head from biting the screen plate when heating.
  • The plastic in the mold head must be cleaned up when stopping the plastic extruder.
  • After initial heating of the die head, all fasteners must be re-tightened to prevent material leakage due to increased gap after heating.
industrial pelletizer

Industrial pelletizer downtime precautions

  • Each time the production is completed and needs to stop should be the main and vice waste plastic granulator machine screws in the material out. The industrial pelletizer will be empty of the residual material to prevent plastic hardening
  • Cut off the power supply in time after shutting down the industrial pelletizer to prevent others from misoperation
pvc pelletizing machine