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The blade is one of the core components of the plastic pipe shredder. The judgment of its service life is very important for the maintenance and operation of the PVC pipe shredder. The following will be introduced from the appearance, size, processing results, and other aspects of how to determine whether the life of the plastic pipe shredder blade expires.

Plastic pipe shredder Blade Appearance

When there is visible damage or deformation on the surface of the PVC pipe shredder blades, it means that the blades are approaching the end of their life. Common cosmetic problems on blades include blade edges that are badly worn, blade corners that have become dull or deformed, and damaged or broken blades. If you find these problems, you should replace the plastic shredder industrial blades in time.

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PVC pipe shredder Blade Size

The dimensions of a plastic shredder industrial blade change as it is used for longer periods of time. You can determine if a blade has reached the end of its life by measuring its dimensions such as length, width, and thickness. Generally speaking, when the size of the PVC pipe shredder blade is reduced to about 70% of the original size, it is necessary to consider replacing the blade.

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Processing effect of plastic pipe shredder

If the plastic pipe shredder blade life expires, its processing effect will be significantly affected. The particle size of the crushed material becomes uneven. The crushing speed becomes slower, the noise increases, and other phenomena may be the performance of the blade life expiration. By carefully observing the changes in processing results, you can promptly determine whether the PVC pipe shredder blade life has expired.