PET bottle recycling washing line

There are some considerations for PET bottle recycling plants when producing plastic bottle chips. Understanding the key information about PET bottle scrap machines is beneficial to improve productivity.

Advice to PET bottle recycling plant

  1. Drying: It is best to use a cyclone dewatering machine, which saves electricity and has a high dewatering rate.
  2. Rinsing: It is best to use rinsing equipment with friction action. Such as friction washers. This can further remove residual stains and cleaning agents.
  3. Main wash: Use equipment with scrubbing and heating functions, such as spiral belt main washers, and ensure the washing time. Choose the right detergent to ensure that all stubborn stains are removed.
  4. Crushing: Choose a suitable crusher such as a forced feed crusher. Adjust the distance between the knife and the bottom of the screen to prevent excessive debris.
PET bottle recycling plant
PET bottle recycling plant

Upgrade plastic bottle washing line

  • Introducing the latest PET bottle recycling plant technology, including an intelligent sorting system and efficient washing equipment.
  • Introduction of automated systems to reduce manual intervention and improve the stability and efficiency of the PET bottle scrap machine
  • Provide regular technical training to staff to ensure they are aware of the latest plastic bottle washing line technology
  • Optimize cleaning and sterilization processes to ensure recycled plastic bottles meet production standards
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