pelletizer equipment

When operating the pelletizer equipment, we should understand the working principle, production steps, and all aspects of the performance of the machine. This will ensure the normal production and service life of the plastic recycling granulator machine. The following are some of the problems that should be noted in the production process.

Routine Inspection & Maintenance

All mechanical equipment should be inspected regularly, and the pelletizer equipment is no exception. In addition to checking the firm looseness of each part, attention should be paid to checking the wear and tear of wearing parts. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the main parts.

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plastic recycling granulator machine

Ensure uniform feeding

Uniform discharging should be maintained during the production process to ensure the quality of crushing and melting. Meanwhile, overloading of the motor is strictly prohibited. Generally speaking, the size of the plastic dana manufacturing machine’s discharging and discharging ports should not be changed arbitrarily.

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pelletizer equipment

Pelletizer equipment proper lubrication

Due to the high rotational speeds, proper lubrication is critical to keep the pelletizer equipment running properly. Normally, the plastic dana manufacturing machine bearing temperature should not exceed 70 degrees to be considered normal. Add grease to the main machine bearings once a week.

Keep the original pulley

When the pelletizer equipment is shipped from the factory, the motor wheel and pulley are equipped, and should not be changed arbitrarily. Because changing the size of the pulley will directly affect the rotational speed of the plastic recycling granulator machine.