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Plastic scrap washing machine is a mechanical device used to clean waste plastics. Its main function is to remove the dirt, impurities, grease, and other substances in the waste plastics. The cleaned waste plastics can reach the standard of recycling. The following is an introduction to the plastic chips washing machine.

Plastic scrap washing machine description

Plastic scrap washing machines can process all kinds of waste plastics, including plastic bottles, plastic drums, plastic films, and so on. Different models of plastic rinsing tanks have different processing capacities and applicable ranges. You can choose the right model according to the actual need. The plastic chips washing machine has the advantages of a small footprint, simple operation, high output, and so on. It is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for the plastic industry.

plastic scrap washing machine

Plastic rinsing tank precautions

  • This plastic scrap washing machine is suitable for cleaning broken plastic flakes. So the cleaned plastic should not contain large pieces.
  • Strictly follow the operating procedures specified in the plastic rinsing tank operation manual and do not change or omit steps without authorization.
  • Before each use, carefully inspect all parts of the plastic chips washing machine. Make sure there is no looseness, wear and tear, or blockage from foreign objects.
  • Regularly maintain the plastic rinsing tank. Timely replacement of badly worn parts to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.