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Plastic scrap granulators in practice sometimes extrude plastic strip breakage phenomenon. This may be caused by a variety of factors. In this article, we will analyze several common causes and provide corresponding solutions for your reference.

Unstable temperature of plastic scrap granulator

The temperature of the plastic pelletizing recycling machine plays a vital role in the extrusion process. If the temperature is unstable or too high, it will easily lead to plastic fracture. The solution is to maintain a constant temperature by adjusting the slow-speed granulator heating system. This ensures that the plastic has good fluidity during the extrusion process.

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Screw wear and tear

The screw is the key component of the plastic scrap granulator. Serious wear of the plastic pelletizing recycling machine screw will affect its extrusion effect and lead to plastic strip breakage. Regular inspection of the screw and timely replacement of badly worn screws can effectively solve this problem.

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Unsuitable extrusion speed

Extrusion speeds of plastic scrap granulators that are too fast or too slow can cause plastic strips to break. In this case, the extrusion speed of the slow-speed granulators needs to be reasonably adjusted. The purpose is to ensure that the plastic can maintain a stable flow rate in the extrusion process.