polystyrene granulator machines

Good news! A customer from Germany has ordered a plastic granulator from Shuliy. Now the machine has been made and will be shipped to Germany soon. Let’s see the details of this successful cooperation.

Customer Background

The customer owns a recycled plastic factory, but with the expansion of his business, she needs a plastic pelletizer to expand his business. After some market research, she found shuliy as her partner. Based on the customer’s needs, Shuliy recommended an efficient plastic granulator for HDPE and LDPE raw materials. The polystyrene granulator machine combines advanced technology and stable performance to ensure an efficient and smooth production process.

Plastic granulator Information

Plastic crushing machineModel: SLSP-600
Power: 22kw
Capacity: 500-600kg/h
Knives: 10pcs
Knives Material: 60Si2Mn
Plastic granulatorHost granules extruder machine
Model: SL- 150
500 reducer
2m screw
Electromagnetic heating
Second granules extruder machine
Model: SL- 150
Power: 15kw
400 reducer
1m screw
Heating ring
Water tankLength: 3m
Material:stainless steel

Shuliy: Trusted Plastic granulator manufacturer

With extensive industry experience and expertise, Shuliy is able to provide tailor-made solutions to meet different raw materials and production needs. Our granules extruder machines are usually made with advanced technology and are characterized by high efficiency, stability, and durability. If you are also planning to get into the plastic recycling business, we can customize the right plastic solution for you. Just leave your contact information on the website.