plastic materials shredder

Good news. A customer from Ghana has just ordered two plastic materials shredders from us. The production and transportation of the equipment is going on as planned. In addition, we will monitor the whole transportation process to make sure the plastic chipper shredders are safe and timely.

Client Background

The Ghanaian customer, who has been engaged in the plastic recycling business for many years, intends to buy our two plastic materials shredders, which are used for crushing hard and soft plastics respectively. They consulted Sunny, the project manager, and raised many questions, including the versatility of the machine and the output, etc. Sunny won the customer’s full trust with his professional and patient answers.

Customized Solutions

In response to customer demand, our company provides customized production solutions to ensure the performance and stability of the plastic waste grinder. The output of the plastic materials shredder reaches 600-800kg/h, which meets the customer’s needs. After customized production and strict quality inspection, the two plastic chipper shredders were successfully shipped to Ghana. We are confident that this will bring significant improvement to the customer’s plastic recycling business.

Working with Shuliy

shuliy has always been committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable plastic recycling solutions. Our plastic materials shredder has excellent processing capacity and stable performance, designed to help customers realize efficient recycling. We look forward to hearing from our customers once they have received their plastic chipper shredder and put it to use.