foam compactor machine

Good news! 2 EPS styrofoam compactors were shipped to Malaysia not long ago. The foam compactor machine is used to compress the foam by volume. The customer will use the EPS styrofoam compactor to recycle waste plastic foam. The final foam blocks will be sold as raw material for foam pelletizing.

Malaysia client background

The customer is an owner with decision-making power, owns his own EPS foam compactor and shows us on video how it works. This time he wants to buy two more EPS styrofoam compactors from Shuliy to expand his business. After confirming the demand with the customer, we started to produce the foam compactor machines immediately.

EPS styrofoam compactor information

Machine size3200*1600*1600mm
Input size870*860mm
Output size40*40cm

EPS foam compactor for sale

Shuliy’s foam compactor machine not only promotes efficient waste management but also brings great returns in terms of economic benefits to our customers in Malaysia. Shuliy has EPS foam compactors for sale. If you want to engage in foam recycling or other plastic recycling business, we can provide you with the right machine.