plastic bottle recycling business

Starting a plastic bottle recycling business in Bangladesh is a sustainable industry that benefits the environment and has potential economic returns. Here are some tips to help you start a PET bottle flakes business in Bangladesh.

Possibilities of plastic bottle recycling business

Bangladesh produces a large number of waste plastic bottles every year, which provides a rich source of raw material for recycling operations. Plastic bottle recycling manufacturers can work with supermarkets, restaurants, businesses, and communities to access a stable supply chain of waste plastics.

plastic bottle recycling business
Plastic bottle recycling business

In addition, the Government of Bangladesh has taken several measures to promote waste plastic bottle management and environmental protection.

PET bottle recycling process

Plastic bottle recycling consists of four main segments and the final product is PET bottle flakes.

  1. De-labeling: In this stage, labels, stickers, and other non-PET parts on the plastic bottles are removed by using advanced PET label remover machines.
  2. Crushing link: Plastic bottles are crushed by professional plastic shredder, and are carefully cut into small pieces or particles.
  3. Cleaning: After crushing the plastic bottle fragments into the cleaning process. In the water rinse, to remove residual dirt, grease, and other impurities.
  4. Drying: The cleaned plastic chips need to be dried to remove the residual moisture and ensure that the recycled PET bottle flakes are in a dry state.

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